Bee Happy!

Do you want to care for the earth in a profoundly positive way?  Do you want to help make your community more flowering and fruitful?  Do you want to experience the wonder and beauty of having honey bees on your property without having to open the hives and manage the bees yourself?  Now you can.  At the same time, you’ll enjoy the benefits that these super-pollinators provide to your property.

This program allows property owners to offer a safe haven for honey bees, and thus ardently care for the earth, even though they may not have the inclination to interact with the bees “up close and personal” themselves, or have the time to get on the long and steep beekeeping learning curve.  (Beginning beekeeping is at least a 5 year commitment.)

Your first question may be, “Do I have a large enough property to host a honey bee hive?”  The answer, unequivocally, is “Yes.”  A single honey bee colony forages in an area of 12.5 square miles.  That’s 8,000 acres.  So, the size of your own property is not a limiting factor.

Check out the “How Hosting Works” page by clicking on the link at the top.


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