Half a Million New Honey Bees Will Now Be Living in the Upper Arkansas River Valley

Three months of preparation followed by two long days of hard work resulted in hundreds of thousands of new honey bees being moved into the Upper Arkansas River Valley and placed in the hives of the Host A Honey Bee Hive team.  Being the first to purchase bees from this commercial beekeeper this spring, I was able to open many Nucleus colonies and choose the ones with the most prolifically laying queens.

My son Ryan was a great help.  I could not have done this without him.  This is a photo of just one part of the commercial apiary where we purchased the colonies.  Each of these Nuc boxes (“Nuc” is short for Nucleus Colony) contains a busy colony of bees on five frames of comb.

Nucs 01

To avoid losing any bees on the way back, we spent hours taping up all the seams.  Then we brought them back in an enclosed trailer.

Nucs 02

Happy to be through taping.

Nucs 04.jpg

We didn’t tape-up the entrances until dark; we were waiting for all the forager bees to come home for the night.  That way, we maximized the number of bees in each colony.

Nucs 03

We spent a very long day, the next day, getting the bees moved out of their temporary Nuc boxes and into the permanent homes of their hives.  Here’s Ryan at the end of the day, happy that we were installing the very last Nuc.

Beekeeper Ryan


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