What are Bee Tree Hives?

You may have noticed that your hive equipment has this logo wood-burned into the side of each box:

BTH Brand

And you may have wondered what that’s about.

Bee Tree Hives is a company that I am starting to design and build hive equipment that allows honey bees to live in an environment that is much closer to what they would experience in the wild.  These components give them the ability to better control both the micro-climate and the micro-ecology that they are working so hard to manage as they live in symbiotic relationship with over 8,000 known organisms inside their hive.

The components have been designed in response to what the bees have been teaching me over the last few years – all of which has been corroborated by Dr. Thomas Seeley’s article in the March issue of American Bee Journal.  [See my post “Why Honey Bees Need Bee-Centered Beekeepers.]

Even though constructing these components for each of your hives came at considerably more expense to me than simply purchasing conventional beekeeping equipment, I so appreciated each of your attitudes toward honey bees that I wanted to give each of your colonies the very best opportunity to survive and thrive.

I hope to produce a series of short videos, sometime this summer, that explains each of these components in-depth.  In the meantime, here’s a brief overview:

Brief Bee Tree Hives Explanation


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